Tour with Apache Relay, The Weeks and Shelly Colvin

I spent the majority of May touring the east coast with some incredible bands-- Apache Relay, The Weeks and the amazing Shelly Colvin. It was an honor to be asked to go on the road by the Apache dudes because this was my first real tour. The tour started in Asheville, ended in Pittsburgh and whole experience was pretty unforgettable. From rooftop hangs in Williamsburgh to dancing in a parking lot in Austin Mahone shirts...It was some of the most fun I've ever had. Minus the part when the van got broken into--which was completely overshadowed by all the good times. I'll let photos do the rest of the talking. Here are some photos to sum up the few weeks I had with these amazing bands. All shot with my Yashica T4, my polaroids and my Mark III.