Bonnaroo 2014

It was my fourth Bonnaroo and probably the best one thus far. As you would guess, all of Nashville relocates to this giant field for four days in Manchester, Tennessee. So its basically a big field party with your friends and tons of music. Fresh from Governor's Ball, I headed to the farm with the boys of Diarrhea Planet. This year was the first time DP played and they easily blew everyone out of the water. My friends and I joked that you have to separate favorite shows by the categories Diarrhea Planet and Other Bands. Other favorites that weren't DP included Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Cage the Elephant and Blank Range. Shout out to my girl Pooneh Ghana for understanding my Arctic Monkeys love. While I wasn't scarfing down a burger or desperately seeking shade, I shot a few shows. Here are some of my favorites from my IMPOSE piece on DP, the shows I caught and all the backstage fun.